Maeng Da Single Serve Bags with Infusions

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Maeng Da kratom is the most potent commercially grown variety of kratom. This original Maeng Da is considered one of the strongest and efficiency-aimed strains of kratom. Designed for your convenience, these disposable drip filter bags are ensured to keep your blend fresh until it is time to brew.

Ingredients: 100% kratom leaves. No additives or fillers.

To use: Simply tear the bag open, hook the side handles onto a cup, and pour in your hot water. Allow the contents to be fully submerged for several minutes before removing.

7 grams of Kratom Per Bag
10 Servings of Tea Per Bag

Kratom Quantity

4 Bags (28g), 8 Bags (56g)

Tea Variety

Chamomile Mint Infusion (30g), Organic Egyptian Peppermint (30g), Organic Energy Infusion (30g), Purifying Fruit Infusion (30g), Soothing Citrus Infusion (30g), Masala Chai Black Tea (30g)


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