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Nectar Leaf is committed to advancing the understanding of the beneficial properties of natural products. We ensure that we source affordable, high quality products from around the globe in a responsible manner.

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We ensure that we source affordable, high quality products from around the globe in a responsible manner.

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Nectar Leaf premium loose leaf teas bring you hand-harvested herbs and flowers. Our floral teas enriches your taste buds with light, fruity notes while our green teas create a delicious, health-boosting beverage. We offer the highest quality flavors in Europe for you to enjoy.


Nectar Leaf is committed to providing the highest quality kratom consumables in the market. Kratom capsules and tablet are guaranteed to have 100% pure kratom. Each batch is tested to ensure that there are no metals or contaminates while offering a consistent mitragynine content.

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Get Kratom has been in operation since 2007 and has been expertly sourcing products for the kratom community since inception.


What Is Kratom?

Similar to Coffea, Mitragyna speciosa is grown in the tropics and can be found growing naturally in South East Asia. It is indigenious to Indonesia, Thailand, Papua New Guinea, Malaysia, and Myanmar, but can also grow in Central and South America. As you may have deducted, it thrives in environments that are hot and extremely humid. Mitragyna speciosa makes it’s habit in “open savannahs and secondary forests at low elevation (via Useful Tropical Plants Database).” On the island of Borneo, the tree can be found in swamp and riverine forests that periodically flood. It is dominant in colonizing the areas in which it grows. Growing them at home, however, can be quite difficult due to their need for excessive water, and need for rich, fertile soil.

Naturally, Mitragyna speciosa is an evergreen tree, but when cultivated, deciduous. These trees can grow 10-30 meters tall (around 30-100ft) and are 60-100 cm in diameter (around 23-40 inches). The bark itself is grey in color and is smooth to the touch. Their leaves are dark green and have a glossy texture to them with the ability to grow over 20cm long (8in) and 12cm wide (4.7in). At the end of it’s branches is where you’ll find Mitragyna speciosa’s flowers, which appear in clusters of three.

The leaf veins, however, is how kratom obtains it’s different “strains.” Of these 12-17 different pairs of veins on each leaf, their coloration will appear either red, white, or green. Vein color is most directly impacted by geography and human intervention. For instance, impactors such as soil, rainfall, sunlight, and humidity all play important roles in giving kratom it’s defining color, for they impact how fast a tree will grow. White veins, for instance, originate whenever the leaf has not yet reached full maturation. White vein is also dried indoors, void of any sunlight to maintain it’s alkaloidal properties. Red vein leaves, however, have had more time to mature naturally, and then are continually exposed to sunlight after harvesting. Harvest season for the Mitragyna speciosa occurs through late summer through early Autumn. This is done by farmers either picking them themselves or waiting for the leaves to fall off.

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