Nectar Leaf Loose Leaf Teas

Nectar Leaf premium loose leaf teas bring you hand-harvested herbs and flowers. Our floral teas enrich your taste buds with light, fruity notes while our green teas create a delicious, health-boosting beverage. We offer the highest quality flavors in Europe for you to enjoy.


Black Tea

Black tea, or “Red tea”, is derived from the Camellia sinesis plant. It has been used in China since the mid 17th century and today is the most consumed tea in both Europe and North America. Unlike Green and White tea, Black tea undergoes a near complete process of fermentation and oxidation, which gives it unique health benefits. Learn more about the world’s most famous tea.

Popular types of tea include:
Bergamot (Earl Grey) – Learn More
Pur-eh (post-fermented) – Learn More
English Breakfast (After water, English Breakfast Tea is the most consumed drink in the world), Assam Black, Keemum, Yunnan, Ceylon, Darjeeling “The Champagne of Tea”


White Tea

White tea is one of the four main types of tea that is derived from the Camellia sinesis plant. Despite it’s late introduction to the Western world, white tea has been used in China since the late first century. This delicate beverage offers the most antioxidants and least amount of caffeine of any Camellia sinesis tea. Find out why White tea was an Emperor drink of choice.

Popular types of tea include: Silver Needle, White Peony, Long Life Eyebrow, Tribute Eyebrow, Snowbudi


Green Tea

The original tea. It comes from China and  the Camellia sinensis plant. Green tea is known throughout the globe as being one of the oldest traditional medicines and beneficial beverages around. This unoxidized drink is rich in antioxidants and polyphenols. Learn why this drink stood the test of time. 

Popular types of Chinese Green Tea (Pan Fired): 

Dragonwell, Gunpowder, Jasmine, Bi Luo

Popular types of Japanese Green Tea (Steamed): 

Sencha – Learn More
Matcha, Gyokuro, Genmaicha, Hojicha, Kukicha


Oolong Tea

Oolong is it’s very own breed of healthy goodness. Being neither a Black or Green tea, Oolong, which translates to “Black Dragon”, goes through a very unique semi-oxidation and semi-fermentation process. This tea is the most diverse of the Camellia sinensis variety, both in taste and attributes.

Popular types of Tea: 

Oolong Blue – Learn More
Phoenix Tea, Iron Goddess of Mercy, Wuyi, High Mountain, Milk Oolong, Da Hang Pao


Herbal Tea (Tisanes)

Whereas most tea comes from the Camellia sinensis plant, herbal tea, or tisane, comes from the infusion of various spices, herbs, fruits, leaves and other plant material. Unlike traditional tea, these concoctions often do not contain caffeine. They are, however, just as beneficial and their usage dates back thousands of years.  Find out more about the “other” kind of tea. 

Popular types of Tea: 

Kava Tea: Helps relieve stress and anxiety, improve sleep

Hibiscus Tea: Supports immune system, soothes sore throat, decrease body temperature, treat heart disease, treat high blood pressure and high cholesterol

Dandelion Tea: Aids in digestion and upset stomach

Chamomile Tea: Has a calming effect, effective sleep aid

Peppermint Tea: Supports digestive tract health

Ginger Tea: Great for boosting your immune system

Echinacea Tea: Prevent and shorten the common cold

Rooibos: Loaded with antioxidants, has anti-inflammatory effects, aids in diabetes and blood pressure control

Sage Tea: Support brain health

Nectar Leaf Kratom Teas

Designed for your convenience, Nectar Leaf offers single serve kratom drip filter bags ensured to easily and perfectly pair with your choice of tea.


Kratom & Tea

Loose Leaf Assortment

Hibiscus:  What happens when an ancient Egyptian beverage meets an ancient Asian remedy? Awesomeness. Having no caffeine, kratom is a great supplementer to give your Hibiscus tea an added energy boost. Additionally, the crisp refreshing taste of Hibiscus mint is great for pairing with any of your favorite kratom strains.

A Pu’er and kratom pairing almost makes too much sense! Being post-fermented, Pu’er tea is known for having a strong and earthy taste, which easily blends in with the likes of kratom. Add in some sweet cocoa beans and you’re left with one tasty pairing.

Green Tea: Many love the combination of Green tea and kratom due to their similar flavors. Our Sencha Green tea contains pineapple, which is one of kratom’s most famous and effective potentiators. This pairing is great for enhancing the potency of kratom’s alkaloids.

White tea is known for being an extremely health conscious drink, having four times the amount as polyphenols and catechins than Green Tea. Where it lacks in comparison to other types of tea, however, is in caffeine. If you’re looking for an added energy boost, look no further than a Kratom-White Tea pairing.

Lemon Ginger Green Tea: This drink was made for a kratom pairing, quite literally. Ginger is not only a great flavoring agent! When combined with lemon, a natural potentiator of kratom, you end up with one well-balanced, tasty tea.

Oolong is known for being a tea that is euphoric and digestive in nature. This pairing is as practical as you can get.