Nectar Leaf Spring 2021 Update

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We’re incredibly grateful to our loyal Nectar Leaf customers and appreciate your great feedback through 2020. Beginning today, May 1st, we’re introducing a public rating system so you can rate any of your favorite products and share your thoughts with others. This will provide the opportunity for both new and returning customers to compare different products and find a new favorite strain. When browsing our site, you’ll now see ratings and reviews (where available) prominently displayed on each product page.

To claim your 10% off coupon, simply post your review under any of your favorite products. Email us at [email protected] to confirm your review and we’ll send you a unique discount code to use on your next order. It’s that simple! 

What's New At Nectar Leaf

We’ve recently launched a line of premium loose leaf teas bringing you hand-harvested herbs and flowers. Our floral teas enrich your taste buds with light, fruity notes, while our green teas create a delicious, health-boosting beverage. We offer the highest quality tea flavors that are a perfect complement to your favorite kratom strain.

Due to the bold nature of kratom, it can be drastically improved when paired with specific herbs, fruits, and spices. One of the easiest ways to extract some of these benefits is to find teas or infusions with some of the flavors, tastes, and health benefits you are looking for. Nectar Leaf is proud to offer these perfect pairings ready for you to discover your new favorite combination.

Coming Soon

Nectar Leaf will be offering CBD Extracts this Summer 2021. Our cannabidiol (CBD) is made from a particularly therapeutic strain of organic European hemp that is rich in CBD. We’re excited to bring you the same Nectar Leaf quality you’re used to with our new CBD products.

Cannabidiol has rapidly grown in popularity in Europe over the last 5 years. As a global market share, Europe is currently the second largest market after North America and is anticipated to grow rapidly through 2021. According to New Frontier Data, the two largest markets for CBD in 2020 were Germany and the United Kingdom (U.K.), representing around €1.83 billion (USD$2.17 billion) and €1.71 billion (USD$2.03 billion). Switzerland, Austria, Spain, and Greece follow behind as growing CBD markets to look out for. Nectar Leaf has successfully sold CBD products in the United States for several years and is exctied to bring some of these same great products to the European market.

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  1. Kratom has been a big help with managing stress and staying focused on my studies. It’s a natural way for me to relax and unwind after long study sessions without feeling groggy or out of it.

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