Pu’er Black Tea

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Our Pu’er, or Black Tea, is like a fine wine, it gets better with age! This fully oxidized beverage has been used for over thousands of years to promote overall well-being. Hailing from the Chinese Yunnan province, our Pu’er tea is perhaps our most complex. Enjoy this strong and full taste complemented by swirling hints of cocoa and vanilla.

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Pu’er is a variety of fermented dark tea produced in Yunnan province, China. Fermentation is a tea production style in which the tea leaves undergo microbial fermentation and oxidation after they are dried and rolled. This process is a Chinese specialty and produces tea known as Hei Cha, commonly translated as dark, or black tea (this type of tea is completely different from what in West is known as “black tea”, which in China is called “red tea”). The most famous variety of this category of tea is Pu-erh from Yunnan Province, named after the trading post for dark tea during imperial China.

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