Red Bali Ground Leaf Capsules

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Red Bali kratom is a versatile and balanced Bali with red characteristics. This is a popular strain of wildcrafted Indonesian kratom.

00 Capsule (approx .50g leaf per cap)

Ingredients: 100% kratom leaves. No additives or fillers. Not for consumption.


25g, 50g, 75g, 100g, 250g

1 review for Red Bali Ground Leaf Capsules

  1. Sandra Lally

    Was skeptical about ordering using bank link. Took the chance and it paid off.. I was sent delivery links straight away and could track. Using this to get off a heavy H addiction and it’s day 2 and I take two everytime I feel bad. It’s worked on the worst off the withdrawal sickness. Almost took it away. I mixed up my strains for energy and relaxing.. but that’s okey, I’ll be bed bound any way. Taking red I slept most the day and night until I realized red is really for night time. I avoided methadone program for this so I feel great about that. I don’t want to be stuck on methadone for years. So far this stuff is doing its job and I’m not as sick as I would be cold turkey, that’s an impossible pain to suffer through it’s agony. I’m eating and functional, feeling ok, considering it’s day 2. I should be in hell.. so happy I found this herb, possibly a life saver

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