How does kratom interact with other substances?

Whether for its analgesic, anxiolytic, antidepressant or energizing effects, many kratom users often combine it with other substances or medications in order to achieve better results. Combining medications with other substances or natural products is not unusual and does not carry health risks if it is done in the correct way and indicated by a professional. If, on the contrary, substances are combined without taking into account the possible adverse interactions between them, the result may not only be different from the desired one, but also dangerous. 

Being a natural substance with effects similar to those of some synthetic drugs, one may think that kratom can be used as a substitute for some medication, or even combine them freely. However, it is very important to understand that, although it is a natural substance, there are also interactions to be taken into account with other substances and medications.

It is recommended to consult a doctor or an expert in the field before combining kratom with other substances. The big problem is that many doctors do not know the plant and recommend against its use from the beginning if, as most likely, it happens to the doctor to google “kratom” and land on one of the many anti-kratom materials on the internet. Weighing in on its use by searching online sites or forums, such as Reddit, often becomes the way out for some due to so much misinformation and propaganda spread in other places. Be careful with information: wherever it comes from, it must be verified.

“As a general rule, before starting to take kratom on a regular basis it is important to be informed about its interactions with any medications you are taking previously.”

The sedative effects of kratom on the human body are similar to those of some opiates used for pain. Therefore, by taking both at the same time, the sedative effect is multiplied and the respiratory rate is depressed, which in extreme cases can lead to fatal consequences for the organism. In addition, some stores do not offer pure kratom. When adulterated, it carries risks. 

Kratom is also a stimulant when used in low doses, and therefore it is not recommended to combine it with substances such as amphetamines or cocaine. It is also advisable to moderate the amount used when mixing it with other natural energizing products such as guarana and coffee. The consequences of mixing kratom with some of these substances can endanger the health of the consumer, who could suffer from anxiety, tachycardia, sweating, agitation and increased blood pressure.

Specifically, antidepressant drugs that act as monoamine oxidase enzyme inhibitors should not be combined with kratom. The same applies to plant products or foods containing the same type of inhibitors.

Alcohol, anxiolytics and tranquilizers are nervous system depressants and are also not recommended to be mixed with kratom. These substances have some of their effects similar to those of opiates in the body and, therefore, combining them with kratom enhances their sedative effect. 

Psychedelic substances are elements that produce hallucinogenic effects on the human brain. The intensity of the effects varies depending on the substance, the dose and the organism of each individual. The best known synthetic psychedelic substance is LSD. Ayahuasca or hallucinogenic mushrooms are also psychedelic substances, of natural origin. There are people who report benefits when combining these substances with kratom since, according to them, it helps them to remain calm during and at the end of the experience. However, there are reports of unwanted effects closer to anxiety or mental block due to the stimulation generated by the combination. 

As a general rule, before starting to take kratom on a regular basis it is important to be informed about its interactions with any medications you are taking previously. In this way, the consumption of kratom can be beneficial and unwanted side effects, which in some cases could be serious, can be avoided.

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  1. I started taking kratom a few years ago and I was honestly amazed at the difference it made. My pain became more manageable and I could finally do things I hadn’t been able to in ages! I am actually able to do the gentle exercises and stretches my physical therapist recommends now. I recently discovered the power of chamomile and mixing it with my kratom dose. It genuinely seems to help reduce inflammation even more than your average anti-inflammatory drug

  2. =what is everyone’s favorite tea to mix with kratom? im thinking about trying it with some jasmine i bought today

  3. Coffee and kratom is a match made in heaven! The flavors blend together so well, and it gives me a really nice energy boost while also keeping me relaxed and focused. 😃 I’ve been experimenting with different strains and coffee combinations and my favorite so far has been maeng da with a shot of espresso

  4. the idea of mixing kratom with something else scares me but i just might have to try it with some chamomile before bed

  5. Please, please, PLEASE do your research!!! mixing kratom with other substances can be fatal if one is not careful

  6. I mixed a small amount of kratom with some chamomile tea, and I have to say, it was amazing! The combination seemed to enhance the soothing effects of both the kratom and the chamomile. Perfect way to unwind after a stressful week of classes and assignments!

  7. I never thought twice about this but i will definitely start paying more attention to what i’m mixing from here on out. thank you for bringing this to my attention

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